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Update about my computer woes

Well, as anyone saw from my last post: my computer has issues. The particular issues from my last post have been resolved, but I face a greater challenge now it seems.. Getting my computer to function longer than an hour or so at at a time. (I've given up on my tablet btw) this problem is worse when I am trying to play sims, but regardless it is still a problem for when I am doing anything. Basically when I am on my computer for extended periods of time (not really.. sometimes and hour or just 30 min) it will periodically crash on me... I don't know why.. it does say that there's a problem with my hard drive, but it never says how to fix it.... oh and another thing.. after one of these little shutting down rants that my computer had one day (bc if it shuts down it is very likely that it will also shut down while trying to repair its self) my games that came with my computer like spider solitaire and those games no longer work... the icons are still there but they won't work.. Sims on the otherhand and a couple of other games I put on my computer myself still work... though Sims skips a little.... but idk... I'm going to get it to some tech service eventually... hopefully before the warranty runs out....
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The best way to play games here is probably create a new user profile and then tweak this to switch off most Windows services so that it can optimized for game play. I know this sounds painful and will take up some hard-drive space creating a new profile, but you will a lot more thank for it especially when you need to switch back to work and avoid working with a slow PC