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lame cd driver

ok so I first turned on my brand new toshiba windows vista laptop on christmas day... I installed everything everything went smoothly.. So after awhile I had problems with the computer shutting down unexpectedly. as far as I know I have fixed that after a little googling. then another problem pops up: My sims game, which is already installed into my computer and was working fine, no longer works, or any other disk I put in the driver for that matter. For some reason my computer has decided that it doesn't want to recognize that I have put a cd in to play.

I have autoplay on, my memory is not even halfway full, I did have an analysis done and it says that my hard drive is messed up, but it hasn't really caused me any problems, I've installed the latest stuff for windows vista that I can find on the microsoft website, and I am beginning to think that maybe I should just go to Windows XP, because that is the kind my family has for our desktop.

please help me so that I can reunite with my sims and continue fixing the other problem I have between my laptop and my wacom tablet.

thank you very much!!
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